Hispanic Leadership Summit of NJ


2012 Hispanic Leadership Summit Workshops

**All workshops are Subject to Change.



Latinos, Alza Tu Voz!

Lobbyists and public policy makers provide an important service to the general public, advocating for special interests and seeking change through the democratic political process. A lobbyist is an activist who seeks to persuade members of the government (the executive and legislative branch or government) to enact legislation that would benefit their group
  • Understanding what “they” or “we” are working on and how “their” or  “our” actions could affect my clients or people

  • Expertise and knowledge are the best tools for action

  • Always looking for ideas to help groups, non-profits and businesses seek solutions
Workshop Organizer:

Angel Fuentes, 2012 HLS Organizer

Roberto Frugone – President, La Causa NJ


  • Nancy Santiago Negron – Acting Deputy Director, U.S. Department of Labor – Women’s Bureau

  • David Matos, Jr. – Founder & President, The Matos Group

  • Axel Miranda - Director, Government Relations, American Red Cross of NJ - Northern Region

  • Barry E. Lefowitz - Founder & President, Management and Government Resources

Roberto Frugone

Nancy Santiago Negron

David Matos

Barry E. Lefowitz

Latinos in Law Enforcement: A Unique Perspective


This workshop will focus on educational requirements, character requirements and a comprehensive overview of navigating the selection process of federal, state and local law agencies. Additionally attendees will be provided with a unique perspective of serving in these capacities as a Latino. The speakers have a diverse background ranging from Homeland Security Investigations, Homicide, Fugitive Apprehension, Organized Crime, and Internet Crimes along with over violations of Federal and State laws. The workshop will provide attendees a multitude of insight into the world of law enforcement along with providing community and business leaders best practices with collaborating with the law enforcement community.

  • Careers in Law Enforcement for Latinos
  • Challenges facing Latinos in Law Enforcement
  • Best practices for Community, Church and Business leaders collaborating with Law Enforcement
  • Role Models making a difference in the Latino community
Workshop Organizer:

Ralph Padilla, 2012 HLS Asst. Organizer


  • Retired Chief Ralph Padilla - Salem County Prosecutor's Office
     President of TPG
     Publisher of HOLA South Jersey Magazine


  • Andre Lopez - Captain, New Jersey State Police
  • Camelia M. Valdes, Esq. - Prosecutor, Passaic County
  • Miguel Cartagena – President, New Jersey Latino Police Officers Association

Ralph Padilla

Andres Lopez

Camelia M. Valdes

Miguel Cartagena


Immigration Issues for Non-Citizen Parties Navigating the Justice System


This workshop will provide attendees with valuable information on various topics important to non-citizen parties navigating New Jersey’s Superior Courts and Municipal Courts.

Worshop Organizer:
Jonathan Diego, 2012 HLS Asst. Organizer



Jonathan Diego - Chief Prosecutor, Atlantic City Prosecutor’s Office

  • Inez Acosta, Prosecutor – Vineland

  • Jorge F. Coombs, Esq., Of Counsel, Youngblood, Lafferty & Sampoli P.A.-Linwood
  • Ernest Aponte, Esq. - Law Office of Ernest Aponte; P.C. Atlantic City

Jonathan Diego

Inez Acosta

Jorge F. Coombs

Ernest Aponte

Civic Engagement: Hispanics in all levels of Government
Taking responsibilities and understanding how local, county, judicial and school government functions. How elected officials establish laws, making your voice heard and giving back to the community. In order for an elected official to get programs and policies adopted, they must gain the trust of their peers and constituents who they serve.
  • Why and what inspired them to run for public office

  • Will focus on the roles, responsibilities and expectations of key players (Administrator, Personnel, Chief of Police, Director of Public Works and Advisory Boards

  • Once a law has been adopted by Ordinance, how the judicial system works

  • Provide cultural opportunities for all neighborhoods in the community

Worship Organizers:

Angel Fuentes, 2012 HLS Organizer & Eddie Colon, 2012 HLS Asst. Organizer
Angel Fuentes - Assemblyman, New Jersey State Legislature – District 5
  • Hon. Carmen Rodriguez, Camden County Freeholder
  • Hon. Gladys Lugardo Hemple – Council President, City of Bridgeton
  • Hon. Jeraldo Fuentes – Mayor, Borough of Woodlynne
  • Hon. Francisco Moran – Council President, City of Camden
  • Hon. Mayra Arroyo – Councilwoman, City of Vineland
  • Carlos Rodriguez – Board Member, Pennsauken Board of Education

Hon. Angel Fuentes

Hon. Carmen Rodriguez

Hon. Gladys Lugardo-Hemple

Carmen M. Garcia

Hon. Francisco Moran

Hon. Mayra Arroyo

Carlos Rodriguez

Ginny Betteridge

Fearless Leaders: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
This workshop is designed to empower women to understand that they can reach their personal and career goals. They will collaborate with extraordinary role models from various fields and given the necessary tools to reach their fullest potential. The audience will hear the stories of remarkable women who navigated through life's obstacles to became powerful, accomplished and fearless leaders. The panelist will be very instrumental in empowering women to become successful in their future endeavors. Their personal journey and most coveted advice will truly encourage all women to become advocates as they embark towards professional leadership development.
  • I am a fearless leader (panelist will describe their personal journey)
  • Barriers that women face today as they advance their careers
  • Skills/tools needed to become a leader
  • Mentor’s contributions towards professional leadership
Workshop Organizer:
Nancy Ruiz, 2012 HLS Committee Member
Wanda I. Garcia, MSW, Associate Director, Community Leadership Center Director, Rutgers Centers of Excellenc
  • Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago

Rutgers Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor Graduate Department of Public Policy and Administration at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
Director, Community Leadership Center
Board Chair of the LEAP Academy University Charter School

  • Ms. Isabel Nazario

Associate Vice President for Academic and Public Partnerships in the Arts and Humanities at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Founding Director of the Center for Latino Arts and Culture

  • Ms. Nancy Ruiz, MPA

Principal, LEAP Academy University Charter S.T.E.M. High School: Worshop Organizer

Wanda Garcia

Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago

Ms. Isabel Nazario

Ms. Nancy Ruiz

Hispanics Making Their Mark in Various Industries
Workshop Organizer:
Bezaleel Rojas, 2012 HLS Committee Member
Ray Lamboy – President, Latin American Economic Development Association (LAEDA)
  • Jorge P. Silva-Puras, US SBA Regional Administrator
  • Rev. Eunice Jose – Business Owner, Loida Development Center
  • Josue Figueroa – Branch Manger, Susquehanna Bank

Jorge P. Silva-Puras

Ray Lamboy

Rev. Eunice Jose

Josue Figueroa

Bezaleel Rojas


Accessing Capital Through Fundraising and Grant Writing
Workshop Organizer:
Iradia Afanador - 2012 HLS Committee Member
Iraida Afanador - Director, City of Camden Code Enforcement Department
  • Lydia E. Muñoz – CEO, LCSW, Spanish Community Center
  • Gladys Santana – Loan Officer, Camden Empowerment Corporation
  • Elsa Candelario – Executive Director, Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey
  • Susan Bass Levin – President and CEO, Cooper Foundation at Cooper University Hospital

Iraida Afanador

Lydia E. Munoz

Gladys Santana

Elsa Candelario

Susan Bass Levin


Marketing Mixx The Power of Media in the Hispanic Community!
We will educate you on how to effectively market and brand your business, non-profit and faith-based organizations as well as yourself using Social Networks and other media. We are helping to create opportunities for entrepreneurship, leadership and career development.
  • Developing Communications Plan
  • Developing Marketing Plan
  • Accessing Media (Broadcast and Print)
  • Social Media Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Press Release vs. Media Advisory
Workshop Organizer:
Beatrice Caraballo. 2012 HLS Asst. Organizer
Yolanda Jimenez-Colon, CEO, Nikao Communications
  • Carla P. Morales - CEO, Landmark Productions, LLC
  • Jael Luckenbaugh – Marketing Director, El Zol Philly 1340
  • Uriel Rendón - General Manager, El Zol Philly 1340
  • Adalberto Lopéz - Producer & Host, Latino Motion Channel 47 NBC – Atlantic City

Yolanda Jimenez-Colon

Carla P. Morales

Jael Luckenbaugh

Uriel Rendon

Alberto "Bert" Lopez

Beatrice Caraballo


Beyond the Church Walls: The Influence of Latino Church Leaders in Society


The impact of the church goes beyond its walls and in to modern day secular society. During this workshop we will explore what church leaders and their congregation or organizations are doing to be in the forefront of today’s most pressing issues. We will explore the many ways these leaders work with local, state and national leaders in a political and non-political arena. We will also explore best practices on how the faith based community can work together with the community they serve and those making decisions beyond their church walls and how they influence policy.
Workshop Organizers:
Yolanda Jimenez-Colon and Eliud Gautier, 2012 HLS Committee Members
Melinda Sanchez, Commissioner of Camden Redevlopment Agency
  • Rev. Emilio Marrero, Jr. - Captain, Chaplain Corps. of United States Navy
  • Rev. Jose Velez, Ph.D. - Bethel House of God

Melinda Sanchez

Rev. Emilio Marrero

Rev. Jose Velez, Ph.D.

Minister Reul M. Robinson


Perspective on Violence: Transforming and Leading our Latino Youth Pa'lante

This workshop will explore the current condition of violence within our school system and community, the legal implications and the need for accountability, leadershp and engagement that will produce preventive strategies to combat violence.

  • Current condition of Violence (bullying, gangs, dating)
  • Contributing factors (language barriers, SES, parental involvement, immigrant, gender, identity, cultural values, lack of education, etc.)
  • Implications for the future of our youth
  • Resources (school/community based)
  • Engagement (Unidos)
Workshop Organizer:
Carmen Balcazar-Pendleton, 2012 HLS Committee Member
Lesley Mateo, Ed. D. - Rowan University
  • Marilyn Martinez – Superintendent, Pennsauken Public Schools
  • Angel M. Osorio - District Council Collaborative Boards
  • Aleida Silva Garcia, MED - Eastern University

Lesley Mateo

Marilyn Martinez

Angel M. Osorio

Aleida Silva Garcia

Carmen Balcazar-Pendleton


NJ Government and the Latinos Making Things Happen

Understanding the key responsibilities and goals for legislators and those who work for the Governor and how they are accountable to the constituents.

  • Set priorities and make ethical judgments when conflict or issues arise

  • Becoming knowledgeable about the key issues that are important to our constituents

  • Legislators have committees to study specific issues, introducing legislations, setting policies and address concerns and permit informal discussions

  • Being active in community, anticipating problems and holding staff accountable
Workshop Organizer:
Angel Fuentes, 2012 HLS Organizer
Francisco Maldonado, Esquire – New Jersey Legislative Majority Offi
  • Assemblywoman Marlene Caride – Telecommunications and Utilities Committee

  • Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera – Women and Children Committee

  • Assemblyman Annette Quijano –

  • Abraham Lopez – Director of Hispanic Affairs, Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of the Governor

  • Peggy Anastos – Director of Outreach for Consumer Affairs.

Francisco Maldonado

Marlene Caride

Gabriella Mosquera

Annette Quijano

Abraham Lopez

Peggy Anastos


Los Lideres of Tomorrow: Empowering Hispanic Youth
Youth is a time of life in which attention to social problems and activism is natural. When these interests are well guided they develop social participation, commitment, leadership, mindfulness, compassion and caring for self, others and nature. Professionals say that by creating an environment ripe for a youth's leadership is ideal. We will help the youth to safely experiment and explore their creative minds; we will create power and drive and lead them by example of how successful they can become.
  • How to remain focused
  • Set goals and have definitive steps to achievingj them
  • Foster dreams
  • Boost self-esteemj by identifying strengths and building a life around those strenghts
  • Use strengths to create a positive means of income
Workshop Organizers:
Angel Fuentes, 2012 HLS Organizer & Falio Leyba-Martinez, 2012 HLS Committee Member
Heriberto "Eddie" Colon - 2012 HLS Assistant Organizer
  • Cid Wilson, Wall Street Equity Analyst and Community Activist
  • Arlene Quinones-Perez, Esq.
  • Alyana V. Gomez – News Anchor/Producer, WMDT 47 News - an ABC Affliliate on Delmarva

Heriberto "Eddie" Colon

Cid Wilson

Arlene Quinones-Perez, Esq.

Alyana V. Gomez

Falio Leyba Martinez


A Closer Look at "Obama Care", After the Supreme Court Ruling
Do you know what the health care ruling means to you?   Test your knowledge.  Cutting through the hype and hyperbole, the panel will analyze the true impact of the Affordable Care Act on our everyday lives.  Panelists include professionals in the fields of Health Care, Community Outreach, Law, and Government.
  • What is, in fact, in the Affordable Care Act?
  • New Jersey Medicaid - will it change?
  • What is going to change for me and when will it happen?
  • What is the impact on New Jersey tax payers?
  • Will I have to pay another tax on my house when I sell it?
  • What are Health Exchanges? Do I need one?
Workshop Organizer:
Orlando Rivera, Esq - 2012 HLS Committee Member
Orlando Rivera, Esquire – Rivera Law, LLC


  • Pete L. Frattarelli - Partner, Archer & Greiner, P.C.
  • Yarrow Williams Cole - Regional Coordinator, New Jersey Citizen Action
  • Jeff Brown - Policy and Communications Coordinator,  New Jersey Citizen Action

Orlando Rivera, Esq.

Pete Fratterelli

Jeff Brown

How to Effectively Re-engage and Instill Hope and Democracy
in Troubled Times

This workshop will engage the participants and empower them with the educational curriculum provided by the Citizens Campaign.  All participants will learn how they can make an impact in their community and address important issues, whether it is behind the scenes or in a position of power.  Goal of the workshop is to show the importance of becoming involved in their local government in a non-elected capacity which will result in more people voting once they experience in person how government operates.

Workshop Organizer:
Feliz Moulier, Community Activist


Rafael Collazo - Regional Director, National Council of La Raza
  • Felix Moulier, Citizens Campaign, South Jersey Coordinator
  • Felisha Reyes-Morton, Camden City School Board Member and Committeewoman
  • Bryan Morton, President of Concerned Citizens of North Camden
  • Claudia Vargas - Reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper

Felix Moulier

Felisha Reyes-Morton

Bryan Morton

Rafael Collazo

Claudia Vargas


Finding My Way to Me

In a world that throws information at us left and right, it's easy to get lost in the mix. This interactive workshop is geared to finding yourself through creative expression. You will understand the power of your thoughts and the words you use.  Creative expression uses, poetry, creative writing, drama & music that will be fun, encouraging and bring to the surface the creativity that lies within. Through activities that will help renew enthusiasm, spark the imagination, and energize you, you will find yourself.

Melinda Sanchez - 2012 HLS Committee Member

Melinda Sanchez